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Why a Fancard Gift Card is the Best Last Minute Gift

Dec 17, 2020 4:35:27 PM / by Freddie Fandom

BestLastMinuteGift_Fancards_FeaturedImageWaited until the last minute? Let us help!

Look, we get it. Like so many of us, you waited until the last minute to buy your gifts this year, and now you're in a bind. Perhaps there's still time to order the gifts you need to get online, but then will it get there in time? Probably not

You could go check out stores in-person instead, but that could be a hassle and who knows what retailers actually have on shelf right now. Plus, going shopping is understandably not something everyone can or wants to do right now in the midst of a pandemic.

We know this situation sounds dire, but it doesn't have to be! 


Unique times like this call for a unique gift, like a Fancard Gift Mastercard®!

So to close out your holiday shopping this year, here's what you do:

1) Head to our gift card shop, where you can find over 20 team gift cards.

2) Click "Buy eGift Cards," which can be delivered to any email address or mobile phone number you choose.

3) Pick out the favorite gift card of the fan in your life (or snag one for yourself, we won't tell anyone, promise).

4) Choose an eGreeting card to going along with your Fancard eGift Card, featuring a team logo or mascot.

5) Schedule that Fancard eGift Card to be sent immediately, or set a time for it to be delivered (like say, Christmas morning).

And you're all set! No more stressing about shipping, shopping, or anything in between. All that's left is a happy fan receiving a gift card of a team they love.

Ready to start giving the gift of fandom and wrap up your holiday shopping? Get started below!




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Freddie Fandom

Written by Freddie Fandom