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Pump Up Your Holiday Shopping With a Fancard Gift Card

Nov 5, 2020 3:21:49 PM / by Freddie Fandom

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The holidays are right around the corner, which means it’s time for shopping for your friends and loved ones. This season, Fancards has you covered with the only Mastercard®️ Gift Card featuring more than 25 of your favorite college sports programs.

Some of you may be on the fence about gift cards for the holidays because you heard they are “impersonal,” or they’re not thoughtful enough. Well, simply put, that’s just ridiculous.

Here are five reasons you SHOULD give gift cards for the holidays!


  • The year 2020 has redefined how we go about our day-to-day lives in many ways, so a Fancard is a very safe, contactless way to show someone you’re thinking about them.


  • A gift card ensures the person gets exactly what they want. Think about your own experience, have you ever been disappointed to get a gift card? Chances are, you haven’t. Maybe the recipient could use it to put toward a new electronic gadget they really want, or maybe just ease the strain of monthly bills. Either way, it’s a win.


  • Speaking of electronics, shopping for tweens or teens? Whether it’s microtransactions for an online game, or adding funds to their favorite food app, you really can’t go wrong here with a gift card. In fact, we’ll bet they appreciate your gift card MORE than anything else you could give them.


  • You CAN make them personal! It is as easy as including the gift card with another gift. Receiving underwear or tee shirts is pretty dull, but it's way cooler when you realize there is a gift card bundled in there. 


  • A gift card is something that never has to be returned, which is a huge plus for anyone that’s had to deal with after-Christmas returns and exchanges. And here's a bonus reason: Most retailers offer pretty great sales after Christmas, so someone can really stretch those gift card funds in the days after Christmas.

These are just a few great benefits of purchasing a Fancard Gift Card for the sports fans in your life. So take charge of your holiday shopping and give the gift of fandom! We also have a convenient map locator to find the nearest Fancard retailer. 


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Freddie Fandom

Written by Freddie Fandom