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Fancards Payment Solutions Simplifies Per Diems for MLB Teams

Mar 6, 2024 9:04:58 AM / by Freddie Fandom

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It’s March. The temperatures are rising, grass is greener and the crack of wood bats can only mean one thing. Major League Baseball is back! 

Fancards is proud to help MLB teams keep their per diems on track throughout the year. If you want to learn something new, buckle in for a deep dive into the world of baseball per diems and how Fancards make them easier to manage

Even if you are a just casual observer of America’s pastime, you are probably aware that every team has affiliate clubs playing in Minor League Baseball (MiLB). MiLB is comprised of four levels of teams, Triple-A (AAA), Double-A (AA), High-A (A+) and Single-A (A). But did you know that every MLB team has four or more development teams? It’s true! There are 120 Minor League teams across the U.S. and Canada, and even more teams when you factor in various summer leagues in the U.S., Caribbean and Central America. 

Every player on the franchise’s payroll is playing for a chance to be called up to a higher team, with a shot in the Majors as the ultimate prize. Meanwhile, there is always the chance that a player is moved back down a level, whether for subpar play, or rehabbing from an injury. Whichever way a player’s path is moving, it creates a real challenge for the franchise. Players’ travel is always in flux, and their daily per diem rates change frequently based on which team they’re assigned to. 

In 2023, Fancards began working with Major League franchises to make this complex web of payments more simple to manage. 

One franchise in particular has its Major League club, in addition to four Minor League affiliates and two rookie league teams. Several dozen players among the more than 300 players on the payroll will be called up or down throughout the six-month regular season this year depending on the franchise’s needs from week to week. 

The franchise’s previous per diem payments provider did not allow for bulk payments, and lacked many reporting features they needed. As a result, Fancards worked with the front office to tailor its software as a service payment management platform, Benjamin by Fancards, to its exact specifications.

Prior to Fancards, it took the front office staff several hours per day to process per diem payments. Now it takes minutes. Similarly with quarterly and year-end reports for accounting, the franchise has every transaction thoroughly logged and coded, with each player's payments accurately logged based on which team they were assigned to at the time of payment, and more. When it comes to onboarding players into the system, we made that easier, too. 

So whether you’re running the payments for an MLB club, or any organization - big or small - with complex payments needs, we can help. 

Click on the link below to request more information, and a member of our sales team will be in touch within one-business day.

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